Monday 29 September 2008

Irish Powerboating Takes Off...

Powerboating is now very much a growing sport in Ireland. In fact, in February 2008, the ISA employed Mr. Denis Dillon, a new Motorboat Development Officer with the organisation. Based in Killaloe, Denis is known to the boating community around the inland waterways and in the West of Ireland. With a long history of involvement in powerboat and motorboat training as both an ISA instructor and a keen boater in his own right, Denis’s remit is to promote all forms of Motorboating activity. Since February a lot of activity has taken place from the launch of the first Irish Jet Ski Club, to the ISA Yachtsman Euromarine RIB Championship.
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Monday 1 September 2008

VHF Radio Licence

Next Date: Sept 11+14. 1 evening and 1 full day: Thurs 7.30pm-10pm and Sun 9am to 4.30pm; Written Exam: 4.30-5.30pm; Oral Exam: 15mins per candidate (expect to be fully complete by 7pm). Cost: €280pp. Location: The Grand Hotel, Malahide.

Before you apply for a Ships Radio Licence (this applies to all vessels, irrespective of size) you should possess the necessary qualification. In the case of craft fitted with VHF only, the qualification is the Radio Operators Short Range Certificate Module 1. For vessels fitted with VHF DSC, (digital selective calling), the qualification required is the Radio Operators Short Range Certificate (SRC) Module 2 or full SRC. If you use a hand held VHF the boat must have a ship station licence also. Before attempting the examination you should attend a course provided by a recognised course provider. Possession of a radio operator’s certificate will enable you to use the correct radio procedure should you be encounter difficulty whilst afloat. MORE IMPORTANTLY!! You will be capable of assisting a nearby vessel or person and possibly save a life or lives!! The ability to use maritime VHF correctly can be a great confidence booster should the unforeseen occur. More information from ISA...