Wednesday 29 July 2009

Irish Student Reprsents Ireland in PWA JULY 29, 2009: Mikey Clancy IR-253 has just competed for Ireland in the PWA World Cup event in Pozo Gran Canaria winning a double elimination round and 25th in the wave event. 19 year old Mikey told the IWA “It was an amazing experience to compete at such a high level,the intensity of the competition is unreal. I was really nervous in my first round against Peter Voltwater but really got into it in my Double elimination rounds”. “The heats were 12 minutes duration and I was going for everything including doubles and would have got further if the wind had not dropped when I was up against Robbie Swift “. An exhausted but happy Clancy finally said “We have the best conditions to train in here in Ireland and I know now whats needed for me to break into the worlds top 20 sometime in the future”. See and PWA for more reports videos images.

Friday 10 July 2009

Farewell to a dear friend

It is with great sadness that we heard our dear friend Tommy Gibbons tragically passed away last weekend. Tom was a fisherman, postman and ferryman but above all else, he was a gentleman. Always on hand to help a friend, he's been a right-hand man to many people, both on and off the sea.

For us, Tom was Westport, and Westport was Tom. Whenever we were in town he'd travel in from InisLyre for a pint or two, and sure, maybe a small one to round off the night. He was such a regular in Glenans on Collanmore, Dave and gang had a chair and plaque put up in the corner, especially for him. It was many an evening I found myself enjoying a 'chat' with Tom, that no-one, including either of us, could understand. We just laughed, and laughed... and laughed. T, you will be greatly missed.

The Irish Times: July 9th 2009
A flotilla accompanies the remains, in the small white boat helmed by his brother Joachim, of former Island postman Tommy Gibbons from his island home on Inish Lyre on Clew Bay, Co Mayo to his final rest, 8th July. Photo: David Baird.

Thursday 9 July 2009

ISS 4 Downings Final Event Notice July 18+19

- Guaranteed racing for all levels. The biggest fleet of rescue boats in Europe
- Lunch on the beach both days
- Parking on the beach with lots of rigging space
- Accomodation with less than 1 minute walk from the beach
- Event Notice Of Race now up on
- Entry Forms available on - please bring completed to registration
- Sat nite function - over 130 people already registered - see for details
- All profits will go to the RNLI
- Demo gear from Tushingham and Starboard