Tuesday 28 September 2010

Successful Kayak Trip

Yesterdays Kayak trip accross the Irish sea went well. I left the marina in Malahide at 04:10 and met up with the guys in Hollyhead at 06:30. Fergus Cooper was paddling a single with Aisa Cooper and Martin Hearns in a double kayak. We were under way just before 07:00 with the guys making good progress out past the head to beat the tide.

Unfortunately about 5hrs into the trip the rudder bar on the double boat broke, with no way to repair it at sea Aisa and Martin had no option but to retire into the boat with me and take their kayak in tow. Dissapointed but pragmatic Martin said "at least it didn't happen 5 miles from the finish or I would have been really hacked off"

From there on the trip went smoothly with Fergus steadily ticking off the miles. The weather was a little over cast but other wise fair. Hollyhead and Dublin Coastguards provided great assistance tracking our progress and advising the commercial traffic of our position so we didn't get run over (which was nice!).

Shortly after 21:00 Fergus entered Dun Laoghaire harbour completely exhausted but ecstatic about the achievement having paddled for a little over 14hrs straight.

After we unloaded the kit it was a quick spin back around to Malahide with the boat tied up a little after 22:00 and off home for pizza and beer, another day at the office eh!

Monday 27 September 2010

Kayak across the Irish Sea

As I type Dave is providing safety cover to two kayakers paddling across the Irish sea from Wales to Dublin. It's a beautiful day so I hope they're having a peaceful and enjoyable crossing! Dave drove over to Holyhead at 4am today to meet with them and they left there at 8am with an approximate ETA of 6pm this evening.

Having windsurfed across the Irish sea for Aware a few years ago, Dave was delighted to take part in this challenge.
(Image from www.worldatlas.com)

Friday 17 September 2010

Wheels of Destiny Cross the Finish Line!

Well, what can I say? Personally I think this is the most amazing challenge that I've ever heard of -- endurance cycling! I'm so impressed and thrilled for John & Murt who completed the Race Around Ireland from last Sunday night until 2am this morning, Friday. The guys completed the course (all 2100km) in a time of 102 hours and 1 minute, and are, according to the Race Around Ireland site, the only team/riders to have completed the race so far and are therefore currently ranked first.

John & Murt - HUGE kudos to you both. And to have done it for AWARE is a very special thing to do. Congratulations and see you for a pint soon!

If you haven't already done so, please donate online for these guys at http://sponsorme.aware.ie/event/race-around-ireland-september-12th/wheelsofdestiny/.

Córa, DMG Sailsports

Tuesday 14 September 2010

John & Murt currently holding 2nd overall...

John on the Clare coast pushing hard into a 30+knt headwind and still holding second overall

Dave Garvey

DMG Sailsports, Watersports Training & Consultancy



Sunday 12 September 2010

And so the (Cycle) Race Around Ireland begins!

As you read this, the endurance cycle around Ireland race is well underway. Dave is driving one of the support vehicles for John who instructs powerboating with us, and his cycle partner, Murt. This is an amazing feat and challenge for the all the teams involved, so please, please, donate whatever you can to these guys. You know, I must admit I thought this was a crazy challenge, to undertake a 2100km continuous cycle race, but, do you know what? It's challenges like these that remind us that we're alive, how good it is to do sometimes crazy things just to see if we can, and all the while we're helping others. John and Murt are raising money for AWARE who are aiming to defeat depression. Every little penny helps, so please donate whatever you can online at

As Dave travels with John & Murt, and the rest of the team, he'll send on some pictures and text which I'll upload as it's received. Best of luck to all involved, but GO TEAM WHEELS OF DESTINY!!

Córa Garvey, DMG Sailsports

Brief Description of the Race
Race Around Ireland is part of the Ultra Marathon Cycling Association (UMCA) World Cup series which includes other huge endurance races such as The Race Across America. Unlike other cycling races such as the RÁS or the Tour de France, the course is in no way roped off. There are no marshals controlling traffic flow and there are no planned rest stops or stages in this event. Once the clock starts in Navan at the starting time, it won’t stop until each rider reaches the finish line at the end of the 2,100 km circuit.

Wednesday 8 September 2010

Race Around Ireland

If you've done some training with us over the last couple of years you may have come across John Mahon one of our instructors. As well as his watersports credentials John is also a hard-core ( slightly mad) cyclist.

Next Sunday John and his buddy Murt will start the endurance cycling Race Around Ireland as one of only two 2-man teams. The race entails a 2100km non-stop (yes that means one or other of them will be on the bike at all times) circuit of Ireland.

As well as doing the race for the sheer madness of it the guys are helping to raise funds for Aware, the depression awareness charity so please log on here to and help out if you can at all.