Sunday 12 September 2010

And so the (Cycle) Race Around Ireland begins!

As you read this, the endurance cycle around Ireland race is well underway. Dave is driving one of the support vehicles for John who instructs powerboating with us, and his cycle partner, Murt. This is an amazing feat and challenge for the all the teams involved, so please, please, donate whatever you can to these guys. You know, I must admit I thought this was a crazy challenge, to undertake a 2100km continuous cycle race, but, do you know what? It's challenges like these that remind us that we're alive, how good it is to do sometimes crazy things just to see if we can, and all the while we're helping others. John and Murt are raising money for AWARE who are aiming to defeat depression. Every little penny helps, so please donate whatever you can online at

As Dave travels with John & Murt, and the rest of the team, he'll send on some pictures and text which I'll upload as it's received. Best of luck to all involved, but GO TEAM WHEELS OF DESTINY!!

Córa Garvey, DMG Sailsports

Brief Description of the Race
Race Around Ireland is part of the Ultra Marathon Cycling Association (UMCA) World Cup series which includes other huge endurance races such as The Race Across America. Unlike other cycling races such as the RÁS or the Tour de France, the course is in no way roped off. There are no marshals controlling traffic flow and there are no planned rest stops or stages in this event. Once the clock starts in Navan at the starting time, it won’t stop until each rider reaches the finish line at the end of the 2,100 km circuit.