Wednesday 29 July 2009

Irish Student Reprsents Ireland in PWA JULY 29, 2009: Mikey Clancy IR-253 has just competed for Ireland in the PWA World Cup event in Pozo Gran Canaria winning a double elimination round and 25th in the wave event. 19 year old Mikey told the IWA “It was an amazing experience to compete at such a high level,the intensity of the competition is unreal. I was really nervous in my first round against Peter Voltwater but really got into it in my Double elimination rounds”. “The heats were 12 minutes duration and I was going for everything including doubles and would have got further if the wind had not dropped when I was up against Robbie Swift “. An exhausted but happy Clancy finally said “We have the best conditions to train in here in Ireland and I know now whats needed for me to break into the worlds top 20 sometime in the future”. See and PWA for more reports videos images.