Friday 12 February 2010

Surfdock One Day Sale -- Feb. 13th

Hi All,

I would first of all like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the support.

I was absolutely amazed at the number of people who turned up for Alan's funeral, and the exceptional amount of condolences, emails and cards that we received. I know Alan was much loved and respected, and all the wonderful words will keep me going through the hard times. AWARE were also amazed with the level of donations, €1577.00 was raised outside the church alone!

We intend to keep Surfdock running at all costs as a legacy to Alan, it was his passion (which we and so many people around us share) and was one which he never grew tired of even when faced with some of the more mundane aspects of the
This of course was also helped along by frequent visits to sunnier climes, which I have also benefited by.

Aimee and Kirk will be in the shop (who most of you know), while Oisín our wonderful windsurfer and friend, will be able to handle most of the windsurf queries that the others can't - while I will as always be there in the background, and if not, never too far away.

I hope that you will continue to support us, and we will do our utmost, so that you our customers and friends can continue to en
joy the water and all that Surfdock has to offer.

Lets hope we can live up to expectations.
See you all soon,


ps: It has been said so many times over the last couple of weeks, and on Alan's page on our website [ ]...
We truly do feel lucky to share our passions and experiences with you - our windsurfing/watersports family - and we hope that we can continue to do this in the future.


For one day only..... a massive stock clearance SALE of everything the shop, including all 2010 windsurfing stock.

Loads of bargains and special offers - too much to list here as we are still stock-taking - so please drop in and
just ask if you are looking for something. Open Saturday from 10am till 5pm.

For more details, phone the shop on 01 6683945 or email

Any time we have a special offer or some new stock or news that you may be interested in, it will be posted on our Facebook page. Go to our website and click on the facebook logo to the left to become a fan, or search for Surfdock Watersports on Facebook.

Surfdock has always been a big supporter of Irish Windsurfing events, and we are determined that this year should be no different. All of our team are involved in every aspect of windsurfing in
Ireland, from competing to coaching, and this year we are introducing a couple of completely new events to the Irish calendar.

The following events will take off in MARCH, with dates being finalised over the coming days.
Watch our website, or the IWA website for more details.

Kicking off the season, our Slalom specialist
Fintan Day is hosting the Dublin leg of the Irish Slalom Series Introduction events, which are designed to get all budding slalom sailors together, try a few fun races, get some expert coaching and see what it's all about. Fintan will give you all the low-down on what you need to do to get into racing, and help improve your skills and fun on the water.

In the same vain, Alison Beirne - our intrepid stunt girl and general (forward) looper / slalom racer - is putting together the first:
'St. Paddy's Introduction to Wave Sailing' get together. There will be coaching from Oisín and the Surfdock Team, some informal competition, and loads of tips to help you improve your skills, all while learning and sharing the experience with like minded people.

Dates are still to be finalised, but one definite possibility is St. Paddy's Day, March 17th.
Location is
Dublin, more info to follow on IWA website and e-groups in coming days.

It has been a while in the making, but discussions over the winter prompted Surfdock to try and introduce a new aspect to the IWA Wave calendar.
On a fixed date : 10th/11th April, we aim to run Round 2 of the Irish Wavesailing Championships.... but the location will depend entirely on the forecast before the weekend. The aim is to travel the country and find the best wind and waves on the weekend, which should ensure that we get a great event with loads of sailing and loads of craic.
Possible suggested venues are:
Dublin, Donegal, Sligo or Clare.

More information will be posted on the website and facebook page, with pre-registration info, and all possible location information (including accommodation etc..) will be given well in advance. Watch this space.


And don't forget, the Irish Slalom series kicks off in Newtonards on March 27/28th, and is looking to bigger and better than ever.

more on


Last but not least: Steve Flanagan and the speedsailing crew are putting together a calendar of Speed events throughout the year. The simplest form of competition, you just strap a GPS to your arm (available to borrow), and go and find the flattest piece of water you can, while pushing your personal limits. Blasting in it's purest form !

Well that’s certainly an action packed year ahead, with so much on offer, Surfdock are delighted to be a part of it.

More info on all of the above will also be posted on the IWA website in the next few days at :

If you are looking to get sorted out with equipment for any of the above events, or of course are looking for a bargain... the 2nd hand list has just been updated with loads of products at great prices, including a nice selection of Loft BLADE race sails in all sizes, and Loft Lip Wave sails. Also some great slalom, speed and waveboards, and even a few full carbon booms and masts.

Have a look at the website for more details:

That’s it for now, hope to see you on Saturday for the
Sale. Drop in and say hello, and grab yourself a bargain.
Look forward to seeing you there !

Denise, Aimee, Kirk, Alison, Oisín, Jeff, Dave, Fintan, China & all the Surfdock Crew.

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Hope to see you on the water soon !!
Alan & all the crew at Surfdock.

Surfdock Watersports,
Grand Canal Dockyard, Ringsend, Dublin 4. ph: 01 6683945. e: