Tuesday 8 June 2010

Dave Garvey is now a Qualified IINLP Life & Business Coach

Congratulations to Dave who is now a fully certified Life & Business Coach with the IINLP!

Over the past 2 years Dave has trained with the Irish Institute of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) as a Master Practitioner and Coach. During this process he came to realise that the fundamental issues faced by those looking to change are often very similar regardless of the context. NLP is a set of tools and strategies which allow you to master your emotions, achieve powerful states of mind and become a more powerful and effective communicator. NLP has the potential to give you the self-determination needed to overcome learned limitations and will emphasize well-being and healthy functioning. The skills learned through NLP coaching can be used by anyone to improve effectiveness both personally and professionally.

Coaching is a process of setting focused achievable goals that are realistic for the individual and identifying the pathway to achieving them.

During a session Dave will work with you to clearly identify your desired goals and the actions required for you to successfully meet them. Unlike therapy, coaching is about looking to the future, so past issues are rarely explored in any depth.

If you would like to contact Dave to organise a business, life or sports coaching session, please email dave@dmgsailsports.com or phone our office at 01-8456946.