Thursday 24 June 2010

Sunday Funday Surfari Special!!!

It looks like Sunday is going to provide us with some much needed wave action out west so the DMG and Surfdock crew are looking at doing a little Sunday Funday Surfari Special. Most likely destination is Cross Strand just outside Louisburg Co. Mayo as it’s just over 3hrs (caressing the speed limit) from Dublin and is a relatively easy location for newcomers wave sailing.

Myself, Oisin and no doubt a couple of others will be on hand and will be only too happy to offer tips and advice to any newcomers (or even not so newcomers) who want to come along, look for the vans or IR48 / IR777 so don’t be shy come up and ask

Keep and eye on the DMG Sailsports or Surfdock Facebook pages for updates on the weather and location, Final call will be made around Saturday lunchtime.And yes I am just a little bit excited